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They judge the dead in Lithuania

Video info

Date: 2016-12-07 17:25:31
Place: Vilnius, Lithuania
Duration: 3:35

Event description

The Lithuanian court of appeal started consideration of the complaint of the General Prosecutor regarding the justification of the former Riot police officers Vladimir Razvodov and Boleslav Makutinovich in the case of an "aggression against the state" in 1991. The Prosecutor's office asks twelve years of imprisonment. According to prosecutors, the detachment of the Vilnius OMON seized several government buildings in Vilnius, attacked customs posts established by the new Lithuanian authorities at the border with the Byelorussian SSR. The peculiarity of this case is that the trial takes place without the accused. Boleslav Makutinovich died a few years ago, and place of Vladimir Razvodov being is unknown.


00:00-00:05 the courtroom
00:05-00:11 the defence representatives
00:11-00:24 State Prosecutor
00:24-00:30 Sister of accused of Makutinovich
00:30-00:36 The public prosecutor
00:36-00:41 Lawyers
00:41-00:50 Judges go to the courtroom
00:50-00:56 the entrance to the courtroom
00:56-01:01 the entrance to the courtroom
01:01-01:07 the court of appeal
01:07-03:35 Interview with Miroslava Makutinovich, sister of one of the accused


Miroslava Makutinovich
sister of OMON soldier of Vilnius Boleslav Makutinovich
01:07-03:35 (Lt)
- The court case was over, because brother died more than a year ago. But I wasn't at the funeral and have no evidence.
- What do you think, why the process was started again?
- In my opinion this process is not necessary, because the wife's brother a few years ago said that he had received the acquittal and the case is closed. Why again the process was stsrted - I don't know.
- If you have not come to this hearing?
- I don't know, they would be looking for him still, if I had not come. For so many years this has been going on. I lost my job, and at my age go and find it... It is a war against windmills, this is no more necessary, I think so. Already 25 years have passed. Some part of those events are known to me, I live in Vilnius. And those things that are show up there, never happened. It's true!
- What was the truth then?
 That day when Medininkai happened, brother was with me, we ate a cold soup, laughed, and sang. He graduated from music school as I. Made it many times. They are on the UAZ there, 10 people at once and I have a bucketful of cold soup made. Potatoes... it aas fun, and in the morning we found out what happened. You know? He is a very kind person. I can do the face punch, and he, in faint can faint from seeing the mole 

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