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Two Soviet OMON officers are tried

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Date: 2017-01-24 18:45:04
Place: Vilnius, Lithuania
Duration: 2:2
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Event description

The police officer condemned in Lithuania After more than 25 years after the tragic events of 1991, the Lithuanian appeal court in absentia ruled in the case of the former commander of the OMON of Vilnius, Vladimir Razvodov. Razvodov was found guilty and sentenced to imprisonment for 12 years. He must spend 12 years in prison if the Lithuanian authorities will be able to detain him. Razvodov was found guilty by article 100 of the Criminal code of the Republic of Latvia of prohibited way of treatment of people, and 103 – injuries, torture, etc. the inhuman treatment of persons protected under international humanitarian law. Razvodov should also compensate the victims of damage – more than 14 000 Euro. Another OMON commander Boleslav Matutinovic never made it till the verdict, he died in November 2015 in Russia, so the trial was terminated. However, the court has not received official confirmation of the death of Matutinovic, despite the fact that both the court and the Prosecutor's office have repeatedly appealed to the Russian court. According to the judges, if in the future it turns out that he is still alive, prosecutors will be able to consider the resumption of the process.


Alvidas Valiukavicius
the prosecutor

01:19-02:02 (Lt) I am pleased with the decision of the court, as you know, on summer, the district court acquitted Makutinovich Boleslav and Vladimir Razvodov. We did not agree with this decision the court and appealed it. In fact today the court upheld our complaint

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