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Estonian self-taught built on the island of Hiiumaa a model of the Eiffel Tower

Video info

Date: 2013-09-04 16:35:27
Place: Hiiumaa, Estonia
Duration: 1:18

Event description

Estonian architect self-taught Jaan Alliks built on his farmstead on the island of Hiiumaa 40-foot model of the Eiffel Tower. All as in Paris, only material - not iron but wood beams. Jaan in his youth fell in love with his neighbor, living on a farm within few miles. To see her every day, he built Estonian Eiffel Tower and made signs for lover from height. However, she married another man. Jaan lives a bachelor, and the tower left on the memory of his unrequited love. Now from this tower are clearly visible cows which did not return from the pasture. Construction inspection for the umpteenth time warns: architecture created by self-taught is not recognized as a reliable and is subject to demolition. In 2015, Jaan should dismantle its Eiffel Tower.


Jaan Alliks
01:00-01:11(ru) It is necessary to do the project so that all comply with regulations. But for the present I do not have money to do everything the right way.
01:11-01:18(ru) In April next year I will have to break everything. The law does not allow to leave the tower.

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