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Estonians protest against raising taxes

Video info

Date: 2015-05-01 17:05:04
Place: Tartu, Estonia
Duration: 1:50

Event description

In Estonian city of Tartu meeting against the tax increase took place. The new government of the Baltic country's plans to increase excise duties and indirect taxes, and to abolish many benefits in 2016 already. The largest part of the payments to the state budget from innovations will be to increase the excise tax on petrol up to the 14%. In addition, the state would start making payments to the state Treasury by income tax on any transaction for the rental of housing that is still neglected by market participants. VAT for hotels will increase more than in two times — up to 20%. In addition , the government plans to abolish tax breaks in education. In reducing of government spendings it is planned to cut over a thousand employees.

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