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The Memorial Day of legionaries Waffen SS in Estonia

Video info

Date: 2013-07-27 15:25:03
Place: Sinimae, Estonia
Duration: 1:34

Event description

In 2014, on the 26th of July, at the heights of Sinemyae - place on the north-east of Estonia - a regular event was held for former legionaries of Waffen SS. Fights on Sinemyae height between the Red Army and Waffen SS are considered to be one of the bloodiest in the Second World War period. Losses on both sides of killed and wounded amounted to 200 thousand people. As part of the 20th SS Division in the battles on the line "Tannenberg" participated Estonians, that elate the local nationalists.


Aharent Asmo
resident of Estonia
01:11-01:26  We respect the war and, therefore, we are here. My father was badly injured in the leg in this area. This is our history, it is important for us.

Lembit Zelenskiy
resident of Estonia
01:26-01:34  It pleases me that here our soldiers could  kill so many Russian.

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