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In Estonia officially permitted to cohabit in the same-sex marriage

Video info

Date: 2014-10-10 14:35:34
Place: Tallinn, Estonia
Duration: 2:29

Event description

On Sunday 5th of October in front of the Estonian Parliament was organized a protest against the adoption of the law on cohabitation, which concerns including same-sex couples. The draft law on cohabitation passed its first reading in parliament. The second and third reading is scheduled for 7 and 9 October. The Estonian government has already approved this document. Organizers of the protest - Fund "In defense of family and tradition" believe that the rally showed parliamentarians that people are against the adoption of the law on cohabitation and attempts to change the nature of concepts such as marriage and family. Those who came to the rally are people of all ages held posters: "Parliament, listen to the people," "Marriage - a union between a man and a woman", "Every child should have mom and dad," "God, help Estonia" and others. Speakers at the rally condemned the actions of the Estonian authorities, who do not want to listen to the opinion of the majority of population. According to a survey conducted by TNS Emor, 67% of Estonian residents do not support the recognition by the state of the same-sex families.


a member of the rally
01:42-02:03(en) This event is for supporting a family and democracy. Thats why we are here. It is important for me, because we feel that our goverment is trying to push through somenthing, that most of citizens are against of

Yaano Epuzok
a member of the rally
02:03-02:29(en) It is important to be outside that list. If even is nothing changes... It is like a funeral us. Just to be remembers of ordinary family institution. So event is nothing changes, we will be for man and woman family.

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