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A campaign of solidarity organized in Riga, near the embassy of France

Video info

Date: 2015-11-14 18:05:15
Place: Riga, Latvia
Duration: 1:51

Event description

More than 1,000 people came to the Embassy of France in Riga in solidarity with the people of France after the bloody attacks in Paris. The Ambassador of France in Latvia thanked the residents for the support. The mayor of Riga Nil Ushakov came to light the memoriall candle. Prime Minister of Latvia Laimdota Straujuma.


00:00-00:05 Young people are standing at the fence of the French Embassy
00:05-00:09 employee of the Embassy through the window watching the participants of the protest
00:09-00:14 national flag of France with a black ribbon
00:14-00:20 an elderly couple came with candles
00:20-00:27 Candles and flowers along the fence
00:27-00:31 Girl sets a burning candle on the fence
00:31-00:35 People light candles on the fence
00:35-00:43 a guy puts a candle to the fence
00:43-00:50 a woman lays flowers
00:50-00:57 Bouquets of flowers at the fence
00:57-01:03 General view of the glowing fence
01:03-01:10 Baby sets a candle at the wall
01:10-01:21 a woman puts a candle
01:21-01:32 a rowr of flowers and candles
01:32-01:51 Interview with Natalia, resident of Riga



01:32-01:51 (Ru) I have friends in France and it is a grief for all. I called them, they didn't suffer. They said that there was panic, but they are fine.

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