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A rally against the intake of African refugees was held in Riga

Video info

Date: 2015-08-05 12:12:10
Place: Riga, Latvia
Duration: 1:52

Event description

About 500 people gathered near the building of the Cabinet of Ministers of Latvia, to protest against the decision of Brussels to allocate quotas for refugees to Baltic states. In general, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia will have up to 1000 illegals — not so much. But representatives of the national radical parties consider that it is a lot: each of the newcomers has the right to invite members of their family, and thus it will go not about the hundreds but the tens of thousands of people totally alien to the Balts and Baltic mentality. Another danger in the illegals which is seen — terrorism. According to European special services from 10 to 15% of illegal immigrants from North Africa can be a radical Islamist terrorist organizations' agents.


00:00 00:07 dozens of protesters chanting "No to colonists!"
00:07-00:13 along the street there are hundreds of protesters
00:13-00:18 police oversees the actions of people
00:18-00:23 a banner reading "Stop the genocide of white people"
00:23-00:29 operator's shooting protesters
00:29-00:33 General view of the action
00:33-00:39 to support the Latvians came the Estonian delegation
00:39-00:44 people hold a banner calling to prevent migration
00:44-00:49 participants of the rally hold the Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian flags
00:49-01:06 panoramic view of the scene of the action
01:06-01:32 Interview with protester video: Imant Nilberts
01:32-01:52 Interview with protester video: Imant Nilberts


Imants Nolberts

01:06-01:32(Lv) We protest against migrants, because Latvians are very few and I'm here to protect the interests of the country. Our nation is like one small seed on a large plate, and politicians don' t hear our voice. We should not be those whose interests run the migrants, we have to dispose of our land.

01:32-01:52(Lv) About 10% who want to travel to Latvia, may be terrorists or representatives of Islamist groups, even of al Qaeda. If they arrive, they will practice its' methods — explosions. Will suffer our quiet, peaceful nation.

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