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A reburial of 320 solders held in Ropazhi

Video info

Date: 2015-04-25 15:50:28
Duration: 2:14

Event description

A reburial of 320 soldiers held In the Latvian town of Ropaži the ceremony of reburial of the remains of Soviet soldiers killed during the second world war on the territory of the Baltic States. The names of 26 soldiers were established.


Talis Eshmilts
head of the search party Legend
01:43-02:07(ru) Today there is a burial of the remains of soldiers killed during the second world war and found on the territory of Latvia. All in all, there are 320 people, established names - 26. We tried to find relatives. Many were unable to come because of the big distance.
02:07-02:14(ru) Today, we lay the remains of soldiers found. There are five most active search teams of Latvia present here. I think the search should continue until there is an opportunity, until the remains are regularly found in our land.

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