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Citizens of Estonia admitted as ISIL supporters

Video info

Date: 2016-01-12 12:27:13
Place: Tallinn, Estonia
Duration: 2:13

Event description


Harju County court sentenced the accused in supporting terrorism Ramil Khalilov, Roman Mako for 7 and 5 years imprisonment respectively. The court's assessed the evidence presented in the case sufficient to admit Khalilov and Manco guilty. According to the city prosecutor claimed charges, in the summer of 2013 someone known as Abdurrahman Sazanakov planned to go through Turkey to Syria and to join the terrorist group ISIS. Khalilov, being informed about the intentions of Sazanakov, booked and bought him a flight ticket of Turkish airlines from Antalya to Hatay, located near the border with Syria, printed out confirmation of travel document and explained how to use it, which allowed Sazankov to come to Syria and join the terrorist group. Khalilov took money from friends, and in the fall of 2013 received from Manco 600 euros for Sazankov. In February of 2014 Manco went to Riga for new money for Sazankov. Khalilov and Manco have pleaded themselves not guilty at the trial.



00:00-00:04 Roman Manco and Ramil Khalilov on the dock
00:04-00:11 Journalists listen to the verdict
00:11-00:16 Ramil Khalilov listens to the verdict
00:16-00:24 Ramil Khalilov listens to the verdict
00:24-00:30 Hand of convicted Ramil Khalilov
00:30-00:37 the Judge reads out the verdict
00:37-00:43 Reporter is recording in the notebook
00:43-00:48 the Operator with the camcorder records sentencing
00:48-01:07 Verdict, defendants shocked
01:07-01:20 Lawyer talking to upset defendant
01:20-01:23 Relatives of the defendants in shock from the severity of the sentence
01:23-01:28 Relatives of the defendants
01:28-01:32 Lawyer of Roman Manco
01:32-01:38 Lawyer of Roman Manco gives interviews
01:38-01:43 the Lawyer of the Roman Manco close up
01:43-02:13 an Interview with the defender of the defendant Romanl Manco lawyer Olav-Jüri Luik



Olav-Jüri Luik
the lawyer of Roman Manco

01:43-02:13 (Ru) The trial had problems. First, the Prosecutor violated the law. The judge also said that had sent materials to the court before the deadline, and according to the law, the defender must have 10 days to make a motion. The Prosecutor knew that we want to make a motion, but still sent


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