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Fans of the RAF cars gathered together in Riga

Video info

Date: 2016-07-23 14:25:02
Place: Riga, Latvia
Duration: 2:28

Event description

More than 20 cars, many of which are much older than their owners, gathered at the Riga docks. Representatives of club of fans of cars of the Riga automobile factory. Machines of this brand were famous in the whole Soviet Union and were of a very high quality. Club of fans of the brand RAF exists not in Latvia only. Representatives of Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, and Estonia arrived in Riga. Most of the cars were received in poor condition. But eventually, parts were recieved and gradually “Rafiks” came into condition. Next year the rally Riga-Vladivostok in the course of which the participants will visit the cities of Russia, where the Latvian cars were popular will be held.


00:00-00:04 Quay of Riga, RAF bus
0:0:04-00:14 Bus from Ukraine, previously owned by the studio
0:0:14-00:28 Soviet “Rafik” from 80s and “Rafik” from 60s
0:0:28-00:34 “Rafik” leaving the parking lot
0:0:34-00:39 “Rafik” leaving the parking lot
0:0:39-00:46 “Rafik” leaving the parking lot
0:0:46-00:49 the Promenade overlooking the Cable-stayed bridge
0:0:49-00:54 the front of the car
0:0:54-01:00 Promenade with cars
0:1:00-01:08 “Rafik” leaving the parking lot
0:1:08-01:12 “Rafik” leaving the parking lot
0:1:12-01:18 “Rafik” leaving the parking lot
0:1:18-01:24 “Rafik” from Estonia in the form of “Ambulance”
0:1:24-01:30 “Rafik” from Estonia in the form of “Ambulance”
0:1:30-01:36 Rafik” leaving the parking lot
0:1:36-01:41 Rafik” leaving the parking lot, the view on the city
0:1:41-01:47 the car slowed near the camera
0:1:47-01:50 View on Riga, car
0:1:50-01:53 “Rafik” from Estonia makes a turn
0:1:53-02:28 Interview with Ruslan Grigorovich, the collector


Ruslan Grigorovich
fan of the RAF

01:53 - 02:28 (Ru) I went through motor, the bar was the old one, old windshield, roof lining new. On the floor rug is a modern one - so in parts it was assembled. When I received the historical certificate I was told that it is currently the oldest RAF of this model in Latvia.

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