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In “Europride 2015” in Riga was over 10 000 participants

Video info

Date: 2015-06-20 16:45:00
Place: Riga, Latvia
Duration: 1:52

Event description

Riga in Latvia has won a bid to host Europride 2015, with activists hoping the event will raise awareness of gay rights in the region. The Baltic capital fought off stiff competition from cities including Barcelona, Milan and Manchester following a successful campaign by Latvian LGBT group Mozaika. Latvian Europride is planning to emphasize EU affairs, human rights, health, support for LGBT activists, culture and sports, and entertainment. Now in this rally was over 10 000 participants. Previous pride festivals in Riga have been banned by authorities and campaigners hope the event in three years time will send a powerful political message. The 22nd annual Europride in Riga will coincide with Latvia’s hosting of the European Union Presidency. Local gays think, that Europride in Riga is a ‘sign of maturity’ for the gay rights movement in the region and sends a ‘strong signal’ to neighboring countries such as Russia where anti-gay ‘propaganda’ laws have been introduced to suppress LGBT freedom of expression. The first Europride was organized in London in 1992 and in 2010, the event happened in Warsaw - the first time a former communist country has hosted the festival.


Bill Shiller
01:22-01:39(en) We understand, that some are against, because the a little bit slow in growing up. But when they grow up and realize, that hater is not a right message. Love, tolerance and antidiscrimination is the right message. Than they will grow up too. So we give them time.

01:39-01:52(lv) I see a great danger in the organization of the Pride, which popularized the vulgar life. It destroys families and society suffers.

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