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In Latvia soldiers of Ukrainian volunteer battalions are being treated

Video info

Date: 2014-08-06 13:40:58
Place: Riga, Latvia
Duration: 2:1

Event description

All three Baltic countries, including Latvia, have allocated money for the treatment of Ukrainian soldiers who took part in anti-terrorist operations. in July Latvia accepted the first fighter for treatment. Ivan Horoshytnik was badly wounded in the battle for Ilovaysk. A shell fragment hit him in the neck, killing part of pillar cell. Latvian doctors using unique methods and operations hope to return to the volunteer of "Dnepr-2" battalion movement and well-being. 


Ivan Horoshytnik
a volunteer of "Dnepr-2" battalion
00:35-00:47(ru) Was wounded in the Donetsk region. Drove by car two months ago. Shooted us. The car overturned.

00:47-01:01(ru) I went myself. I was not paid money at all. I went not for them. It was the call of the heart. I am from Mariupol, Donetsk region.

01:01-02:01(ru) I went for a United Ukraine, because I am Ukrainian. And it turns out that Russians with Chechens together penetrate to us. Kadyrov pays the money, hires mercenaries, they come and they do what want. I was fighting with the Chechens. Took them in captivity. Once took 11 people. They say, we did not come to fight. We arrived to take back our land. And Kadyrov tells them: how much territory you turn back you can take it and live there. They say we came to take back ours. What can be yours on this earth?

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