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In Latvia, the roof of MAXIMA shop collapsed, 54 people died

Video info

Date: 2013-11-22 06:20:31
Place: Riga, Latvia
Duration: 3:30

Event description

21st of November, 2013 was the most tragic date in our history of newest Latvia. In Riga, under slabs of concrete structures of supermarket died 54 people. Under the ruins were buried mothers, sisters, fathers and brothers. Documentary chronicles of the tragic days, the rescue operation, interviews with relatives of the victims and rescuers.


witness of the tragedy
02:06-02:22(ru) I with my husband were talking, that we have to go for grocery shopping. And then we decided to go eat pizza in a restaurant. It is good, that we did not go to the store and we were not at home. We arrived after 7, and the roof collapsed at 6-pm.

husband of the deceased
02:22-03:01(ru) My wife went there and now its 5:00 as she has not returned. Well, it is 17:30 when she comes home from work. And it is already 5:00. I gave the photo to recsuers, all the data. What to expect? God grant that she would be alive under the rubble ... The rescuers say that useless to seek it, everything is over. I have a mobile phone. The call goes up, but no one responds.

Inga Vetere
representative of Rescue Service
03:01-03:20(ru) When the rescue work was carried out and my friends were working inside, there was a second collapse. Three of them were killed. 8 injured.

husband of the deceased
03:20-03:30(ru) She immediately went the shop after work. It was about 17:30. We had last called up at 2pm. Then I did not hear her.

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