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In Latvia, the roof of MAXIMA shop collapsed, 54 people died - day 2

Video info

Date: 2013-11-22 19:35:03
Place: Riga, Latvia
Duration: 2:54

Event description

21st of November, 2013 was the most tragic date in our history of newest Latvia. In Riga, under slabs of concrete structures of supermarket died 54 people. Under the ruins were buried mothers, sisters, fathers and brothers. Documentary chronicles of the tragic days, the rescue operation, interviews with relatives of the victims and rescuers.


Nil Ushakov
the mayor of Riga
01:25-01:53(ru) Our first decision in this situation: to the families of deceased will be given an assistance amounting to 10 thousand lats. Families of the injured - up to 5 thousand lats. Municipality will also take care of all the expenses associated with the burial of the dead.
01:53-2:03(ru) during building works the materials on the roof were concentrated in one place, including, where were the main load-bearing structures. This is the main version.

resident of Riga
01:53-02:22(ru) I've been here after the first collapse. I decided to go for bread and saw that the people slowly beginning to emerge. I decided to ask people what have happened? They say, the roof collapsed. And I look – Oh my God!!!!

a kindergarten teacher
02:22-02:30(ru) You know, I work in a kindergarten and we have children who have lost parents here - moms, dads

the seller at MAXIMA
02:30-02:54(ru) I was in a bookstore when everything collapsed. I want to thank the cashier who did not let us to stand for a long time and called us all along. We were chained there, did not know what to do. If the roof collapses a second time or not.

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