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A monument to a cult musician Viktor Tsoi unveiled In Latvia

Video info

Date: 2014-06-21 15:35:35
Place: near Tukums, Latvia
Duration: 1:33

Event description

A youth idol and musician Viktor Tsoi died in a car accident on the 15th of August 1990, in Latvia near, Tukums. Musician and actor, he was the "last hero" for millions of Soviet teenagers. On the day of the death Viktor Tsoi was returning from fishing early in the morning and, as an expertise showed, fell asleep at the wheel. His vehicle hit on the turn with a regular bus. Viktor Tsoi died instantly. Now, after 1.5 decades after the death of musician, a monument is unveiled, for the money that was collected by Tsoi fans in all the former Soviet republics. 


Ruslan Vereshchagin
one of the authors of the monument
01:10-01:33(ru) Никто не стоял с протянутой рукой, мы всё это собирали через интернет-банк, в течение года. Люди из разных мест добавляли деньги: из Прибалтики, Европы, даже из Америки. Россияне также, из Украины, Белоруссии.

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