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The reconstruction of Wehrmacht and Red army battle was organised In Latvian town Tervete

Video info

Date: 2014-07-05 15:20:28
Place: Tervete, Latvia
Duration: 2:33

Event description

A large-scale military-historical reconstruction and military equipment festival was held in Latvian town Tervete. In particular, enthusiasts recreated the battle between Soviet and German troops under the theme "Entrance of the Red Army in Zemgale in 1944".


a member of the "war"
01:29-01:48(ru) We are engaged in the reconstruction of all the battles in which took part Latvian soldiers only. There is an old fort and during excavations is seen how generations were living in here - from ancient Semigallians it is 12-13 century and until the 20th century. This is a large amount - 2nd World War, the 1st World War.

01:48-02:23(ru) Specifically, about this battle: July of 44th was the day when the Red Army entered in Latvia. Then there were two opposing sides. The fighting was very heavy, Latvians fought against each other. One my grandfather fought in the Red Army, the other in German. In fact it is two occupation authorities fought with each other. And we were in the middle.

Janis Berzins
a member of reconstruction
02:23-02:33(ru) Just now I am on the Soviet side. But when we reconstruct Christmas battle, then I am Latvian chasseur in the form of the royal army.

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