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The march of nacional socialists In Riga

Video info

Date: 2013-07-01 12:25:24
Place: Riga, Latvia
Duration: 1:21

Event description

Activists of Latvian ultra-radical movements  organized a march in Riga city the capital of Latvia on 1st of July. That was held in memory of the "69th anniversary of Riga liberation  from the Soviet army." On this day,  on 1st of July 1941, the national socialists forces of Germany entered Riga  . Latvian nationalist voluntary formations conducted clean-up of persons of Jewish nationality, and in 1943 began the formation of the Latvian Waffen SS Legion with the participation of previously formed volunteer units.
The participants of the event demanded to clear Latvia from foreign in-commer workers, who came to the country during the Soviet time. The demonstration was attended by about 100 people, which and was guarded by the same number of police.


Joseph Koren
chairman of the Anti-Fascist Committee of Latvia
01:00-01:06 These people glorify the ascension of Hitler's army. This is a pure Nazism.
01:06-01:18  It's not clear for anyone. I do not know how to call these people. They are a generation of the policy, which is held by Latvian authorities.

Mrs. Eva
a tourist from Sweden
01:18-01:21 I was shocked, I did not believed my eyes

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