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In Riga unknown artist crucified Vladimir Putin

Video info

Date: 2015-05-15 16:35:12
Duration: 2:20

Event description

In the courtyard of the building, where the KGB in Soviet times housed, appeared a crucified doll similar to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. Author of the installations wished to remain anonymous. Everyone can drive the nail into the doll — the hammer and nails are near the cross. The reaction of passers-by turned out to be very ambiguous


00:00-00:07 Vladimir Putin on the cross
00:07-00:13 Feet with Putin hammered nails
00:13-00:20 Putin's Head with hammered nail
00:20-00:27 Tourists looking at the installation
00:27-00:33 Installation on the sky background
00:33-00:40 Nails on the ground
00:40-00:45 the Hammer on the ground
00:45-00:52 passers-by looking at the installation
00:52-01:00 nails into the leg of the doll
01:00-01:07 Installation, rear view
01:07-01:15 feet nailed to the cross
01:15-01:27 nails
01:27-01:34 Torso of the doll nailed
01:34-01:40 hand nailed to the cross
01:40-01:51 installation, bottom view
01:51-02:12 interview with Barry tourist
02:12-02:20 interview with the Daria


01:51-02:12(en) It looks like president Putin - I don't think, he'll be verry happy to see it. I think, people are not happy with him, because of the way he is treatin neibour countries. It seems, people in Latvia have similar feelings

02:12-02:20(ru) maybe it'll be a historical moment now - if someone drives a nail? I don't know, how to call it - but absolutely unnormal

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