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Navy sailors of NATO were beaten by locals In the city of Ventspils

Video info

Date: 2014-05-10 14:00:22
Place: Ventspils, Latvia
Duration: 2:38

Event description

The warships participating in Operation Open Spirit 2014 arrived in the port of Ventspils arrived  o search for mines of World War II in the Baltic Sea from 9 to 22 May. 26 warships of NATO and the EU, including ships of Lithuania, Estonia, Denmark, Belgium, USA, France, Poland, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Canada, Portugal and Germany are involved in operation. The servicemen' exiting their ships, marines got linked in a scandal. The mariners have shown disrespect for local traditions and recieved the reaction of locals. As a result, 21-year-old soldier from the Netherlands was seriously injured. He had fractures of facial bones, brain edema. He was taken to the emergency room unconscious. Also a few sailors of alliance Were beaten . Their injuries are easier, they weren't taken into hospital, only fracture clinic. Ventspils Mayor Aivars Lembergs sent a letter to NATO Secretary General to pay attention to the behavior of their wards. 


Aivars Lembergs
the mayor of Ventspils
01:02-02:09(ru) Went for a walk a few hundred sailors. Many of them were drunk, doing the natural deed, liying in his vomit, toring out beds of flowers, drinking in public places. For those who were obedient, the police composed small fines - 5-10 euros, and those who were liying, tried to get on the ships, but some of them was not able to name the ship. Due to the fact that they misbehaved in droves rather, I wrote a letter to NATO to apologize for the behavior of their sailors to Ventspils residents.
02:09-02:38(ru) Drunk sailors met at the club with drunk locals, quarreled for some woman, the security took away them from the club, and then there was a fight. One soldier badly damaged. Horrible accident.

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