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Latvian citizens protest against consequences of soviet occupation

Video info

Date: 2015-05-04 13:50:41
Place: Riga, Latvia
Duration: 1:54

Event description

On the 4th of may, 2015 Latvia celebrates the 25th anniversary of restoration of independence. In the building of the National Theatre a gala event with the participation of leaders and ambassadors of friendly countries was held. In the same place, the representatives of nationalist organizations demanded the resignation of the current government, because "it does not make effort to eliminate the consequences of the Soviet occupation". In particular, this is reflected by the fact that the Latvian government still has not put Russia a bill for the damage during the occupation - which is around 400 billion euros.


Participant of the rally
01:36-01:54(lv) We protest against illegal decisions of the government. Me, an 18-year-old, in 1949, deported to Siberia just because my father had 18 acres of land. We still disentangle the consequences of the occupation

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