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Latvian farmers are preparing for protest actions

Video info

Date: 2015-08-08 10:55:08
Place: Ragana, Latvia
Duration: 2:42

Event description

Latvian farmers intend to approach the government with the requirement on the allocation of bailout. To save the local dairy producers, the Treasury will need to immediately provide milk producers with 7 million euros. In the fall of 2014, after the introduction of retaliatory on Russian sanctions, prices on Latvian milk fell by 40 percent to a record low of 21 cents. Farmers complain that soon they will have to slaughter the cattle. Politicians of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia has repeatedly raised the issue of the need for financial assistance from Brussels. However, the old members of the European Union, which were less affected, are not going to do that.


00:00 00:05 Farmer pours the food to the cows, General view of the barn
00:05-00:12 Forks, which poured food for the cows
00:12-00:20 head of cows
00:20-00:29 cow eats hay
00:29-00:35 head of cows
00:25-00:41 cows eat hay
00:41-00:48 back of cows
00:48-00:54 cows eat hay
00:54-01:03: General view of the barn
01:03-01:09 cow looks at operator
01:09-01:13 tractor
01:13-01:20 barn
01:20-01:26 the tractor in the barn
01:26-01:35 three storks walking near the barn
01:35-01:45 Interview with a farmer Viesturs Liepinsh
01:45-02:23 Interview with farmer Viesturs Liepinsh
02:23-02:42 Interview the farmer Viesturs Liepinsh


Viesturs Liepinsh
the farmer

01:35-01:45(lv) Milk was purchased by 38 cents last year. Now it is 20.5 cents.

01:45-02:23(lv) Milk production is completely prinable. The only thing that saves us from bankruptcy — we did not take credits on the production. Only that was free from EU funds and that's all. Now all that survives is the one who had a stash of money. And so we can't buy new equipment. All worn, preowned. You see, everything here is not new, made out of what was at hand. I don't know how my colleagues and neighbors who took out loans, and how they survive? If it is difficult for us, it is very difficult for them!

02:23-02:42(lv) blame the US and the EU. They came up with sanctions against Russia, but Russia was our biggest market! Now the US government says, look for new markets, why do I need to look for them, if the market is there, right under our nose?!!

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