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Latvian peasants left to protest in Brussels

Video info

Date: 2015-09-07 11:51:48
Place: Riga, Latvia
Duration: 0:56

Event description

One of the largest protests of farmers, which will be held on 7 September in Brussels, early in the morning the delegation from the Baltic group of 100 people went. The protest is being held to protest against the unprecedented adversity in the dairy industry, farming, production of fruits and vegetables and to demand for immediate action from the EU authorities. One of the main requirements that Latvian farmers intend to put forward during the campaign in Brussels, is the allocation to support the dairy industry with 700 million euros from the reserve Fund of the EU for agriculture. As indicated by the Baltic farmers, one of the causes of the crisis in the agricultural sector began because of retaliatory sanctions from Russia. A year ago Russia stopped buying Baltic dairy products and vegetables, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia have suffered multi-million losses. 


00:00-00:05 Check-in hall of the airport "Riga"
00:05-00:12 People with suitcases in a hurry for registration
00:12-00:20 Latvian farmers who are going to go to Brussels
00:20-00:24 Plane tickets to Brussels
00:24-00:29 Two countrywomen pack bags
00:29-00:56 An Interview with the Latvian farmer Edita Strazdina


Edita Strazdina
Latvian farmer

00:29-00:56(LV) These sanctions against Russia and sanctions of Russia against Europe, it is not agricultural sanctions. These are political sanctions. If there is no possibility to negotiate with Putin and Merkel, it means that this policy is wrong and headed in the wrong direction. There is no such thing as to blame only one side and that one was the aggressor, and the other - lambs.

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