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Latvian singer Laima Vaikule make the «Rendez vous»

Video info

Date: 2016-07-07 23:25:54
Place: Jurmala, Latvia
Duration: 1:42

Event description

In Jurmala completed a large-scale international festival “Rendezvous”, organized by a famous artist. The event was attended by many celebrities, including Maxim Galkin, Boris Moiseev, Alexander Buinov, Lolita, Edita, Intars Busulis, Verka Serduchka and many others. Earlier it was reported that the guest of honor Vaikule will Alla Pugacheva. But unfortunately all present on one of the most anticipated events of this summer, Russian pop Diva are unable to attend and go on stage.


00:00-00:05 the Stage with the performers, the auditorium
0:0:05-00:12 Laime Vajkule sings a song
0:0:12-00:16 Laima Vaikule, auditorium
0:0:16-00:20 the Spectator shoots a concert with the i-pad
0:0:20-00:27 I-pad and the scene with the corps de ballet
0:0:27-00:32 the performance of the corps de ballet
0:0:32-00:47 the performance of the corps de ballet
0:0:47-00:53 the audience in the cafe
0:0:53-00:58 the audience in the cafe
0:0:58-01:04 auditorium
0:1:04-01:11 auditorium
0:1:11-01:19 Spectators, applause
0:1:19-01:42 Interview with Russian artist Vladimir Vinokur


Vladimir Vinokur

01:19-01:42 (Ru) Laima lives here, she made her festival, called her friends, including me. We were born on the same day, March 31. Anniversaries we celebrate together as well. I love Laima, we've been friends for over 30 years and so I came here to support Laima

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