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Military exercise Saber Strike has entered the active phase

Video info

Date: 2015-06-08 18:00:41
Place: Adazi, Latvia
Duration: 1:53

Event description

The opening of the exercise at the Adazi firing ground near Riga was held this morning. The exercise involves about 1 thousand of troops and military equipment — tanks, helicopters and planes. Maneuvers with the participation of military equipment and soldiers of NATO will also be held in Estonia and Lithuania. Also, military maneuvers involving strategic bombers of the U.S. air force B-52 are scheduled. The exercise involved 6 thousand troops from Denmark, Finland, Canada, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Slovenia, the USA and the UK. Previously, the Baltic States appealed to NATO with a request to strengthen the presence of the Alliance in the region in connection with the situation in Eastern Ukraine. Some opposition politicians believe that the holding of such military exercises is not conducive to stability in the Baltic region.


00:00-00:07 total views: building on the parade ground, flying combat aircraft
00:07-00:15 raising of flags of States participating in the exercises
00:15-00:18 Plane simulates a combat flight over the Adazhi base
00:18-00:22 the soldiers
00:22-00:34 commanders exercise
00:34-00:43 soldiers of the Finnish and Estonian and Latvian armies
00:43-00:49 soldiers of the Latvian army
00:49-00:55 formation of soldiers marching
00:55-01:01 BTR of Finnish army
01:01-01:06 BTR of Finnish army
01:06-01:53 interview with the commander of the Latvian army Raymond Graube


Raimonds Graube
commander of Latvian military forces

01:06-01:53(en) This exercise proved to be very successful in the previous years and I am looking forward to see the outcome of this year exercise as well. More than 6 thousand people will participate in the exercise this year, promoting regional stability and security, strengthen partner capability. It is my honor to welcome soldiers from Lithuania, Estonia, from U.S., Finland, Great Britain, and Norway on the fire field here in Adazhi. The new security situation has led to review of collective defense. This time security challenge is not in Afghanistan of Iraq – it is close to our homes. And NATO has chosen to react to this challenge.  

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