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Mitau operation turned 99 years

Video info

Date: 2016-01-11 11:35:30
Place: Jelgava district, Latvia
Duration: 1:55

Event description

The leaders of the Latvian army participated in the commemoration of the 99 anniversary of the Mitau operation. In 1916, on January 11, began the offense of the Latvian Rifelmen as a part of the Imperial army in the region of Riga. The Latvians were opposed by the 8th German army. The onset of Latvian Rifelmen was unexpected for the Germans. Nevertheless, they managed not only to repulse the offensive of Latvians, but also to oust them. For Russia Mitau operation ended without any result (except the loss of 23 thousand people killed, wounded and prisoners).


00:00-00:05 the reconstruction of the battle Soldiers attack.
00:05-00:11 the first shots, attack
00:11-00:16 battlefield, general view
00:16-00:21 closeup of shooting soldier
00:21-00:30 shots at the walls of the dugout
00:30-00:35 soldiers who had taken refuge behind the wall
00:35-00:39 offense, general view
00:39-00:44 the scene of hostilities, general view
00:44-00:52 soldier running into battle
00:52-00:57 soldiers helping up to wounded comrades
00:57-01:05 general view of the site of the battle, camp
01:05-01:10 lining up, the general view
01:10-01:19 lining up, face closeup
01:19-01:26 the audience applaudes the members of the reconstruction
01:26-01:55 the speach of Raymond Graube


Raimonds Graube
commander of the Latvian army

01:26-01:55 (Lv) It is the Holy land, where Latvian soldiers proved how non-essential equipment and weapons are. Most importantly, the soldier must have the spirit. And our soldiers have proven that they have a heroic spirit. They defended their land.

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