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On the Estonian island Muhu was born albino kangaroo

Video info

Date: 2013-08-02 16:15:28
Place: Muhu island, Estonia
Duration: 1:59

Event description

On the Estonian island Muhu, on a farm of Lassu for several years has been working a private zoo where there are zebras, ostriches, kangaroos and other exotic animals. They live in the north of Estonia all year round. The mistress of the farm Helena Eric created a cozy warm barns in which African animals can safely wait out the winter. Animals are the best meteorologists: one hour before changing of weather Emus emit characteristic guttural sounds. Recently, in a family of kangaroos was born albino – it is a rarity even in Australia. Now a small Estonian island became a center of regional tourism.


Helen Eric
the owner of the farm Laas
01:12-01:30(ru) This is an ostrich egg. Weighs 1.5 kilograms and is like 25 chicken eggs. The biggest egg on our farm weighed 2200 g, while the world record is 2300 g!
01:30-01:59(ru) Говорят, когда рождается альбинос, это один раз из тысячи. В этом году у нас был действительно как лотерейный выйгрыш. Белый самец у нас был уже раньше, но не всегда бывает, что малыш тоже будет белый. И кроме того, белая малышка у нас самочка. Та это еще и как джекпот

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