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Russian national-bolsheviks left under arrest

Video info

Date: 2015-08-12 14:24:02
Place: Riga, Latvia
Duration: 1:35

Event description

Riga regional court extended the term of imprisonment of Russian national-bolsheviks Andrew Popko and Alexander Kurkin. June 10, 2015 three of the national-bolshevik penetrated at Adazi military base and distributed to servicemen leaflets in English with anti-NATO slogans. Two national bolsheviks military were caught, the third was able to escape and to leave Latvia. Latvian justice accuses Andrew Popko and Alexander Kurkin of espionage, illegal entry into the territory of a military facility, they face 10 years in prison. 


00:00-00:10 employees of the security Police conducting arrested national-bolshevik
00:10-00:16 detainee Andrew Popko conducted in the courtroom
00:16-00:25 detainee brought to the court
00:25-00:39 the second detainee Alexander Kurkin lead by Police security across the hallway and led into the courtroom.
00:39-00:44 the door of the courtroom
00:44-00:49 Activists Vladimir Linderman and Illarion Girs waiting for the verdict
00:49-00:55 Activists Vladimir Linderman and Illarion Girs waiting for the verdict
00:55-01:00 police employee are waiting for the decision of the court
01:00-01:06 building of the Riga regional court
01:06-01:11 plate specify the name of the court
01:11-01:17 Latvian flag in front of the courthouse
01:17-01:23 courthouse
01:23-01:26 the Windows of the courthouse
01:26-01:31 police car which brought the detainees
01:31-01:35 the facade of the courthouse

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