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Russian retaliatory sanctions achieved the goal

Video info

Date: 2014-08-08 15:10:20
Place: Roja, Latvia
Duration: 2:28

Event description

In the war of sanctions suffered all. Russia, puting forward retaliatory sanctions for the West and abandoning the supply of the American and European food, got in a huge number of farms and industries under a stroke. Baltic States, as a neighbor of Russia and chief partner came under Russian sanctions one of the first. Hundreds of millions of euro are invested here in fish production and Russia's refusal to import Baltic fish will force to close dozens of small and large enterprises. 


Oscar Grosmanis
sprat factory Randa director
01:18-01:37(ru) Our company exports 80% of sprats to Russia. In monetary terms, it is 400 thousand euros per month.

01:00-02:14(ru) Sanctions for our enterprise constitute a crash. We will be forced to stop because the remaining 20 percent would not even give the possibility to provide such a trifle as the bus that gathers of workers in the morning, and in the evening delivers home. The specifics of our production - it is 100% handmade.

02:14-02:28(ru) Currently, we employ about 120 people, and when a complete cycle is more than 200 people. At present, we have half on the dole.

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