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Russians tourists come to Estonia to by goods which are under sunctions

Video info

Date: 2016-03-02 14:03:30
Place: Narva, Estonia
Duration: 1:36

Event description

Hundreds of "food" tourists from Russia every day come in the Estonian border town Narva. The Estonian Narva and Russian Ivan-city are divided by the river and the Russians come on the Estonian side, to purchase the products targeted by the sanctions in Russia. These are Parmesan cheese, Baltic sprats, smoked sausage, etc. Russian tourists bring tens of thousands of euros of profit to the owners of the Rimi supermarket. As "grocery" tourists say, it is quite simple to carry or to transport "sanctions" on the Russian side: it is important not to take much, so border guards will not check. Although, there are cases when Russian border guards threw up to 80 and more kilogramos of prohibited products into a ditch . However, the demand in Russia for "sanctions" is great, the flow of illicit goods continues for the second year in a row.


00:00-00:06 Refrigerator in the store, the Russians are taking cheese
00:06-00:10 Cheese in the refrigerator window
00:10-00:14 The store, people looking at the goods
00:14-00:23 A woman chooses a piece of smoked meat
00:23-00:26 Goods mooving on the conveyor belt to the checkout
00:26-00:33 Girl cashier gives the change
00:33-00:38 Girl cashier counts the money
00:38-00:43 Cashes of Narva shop
00:43-00:48 Girl cashier checks out the price of the goods
00:48-00:53 People are standing in a line at the cashier
00:53-00:58 Documents on the store shelve
00:58-01:03 Counter and buyers
01:03-01:10 Trolley and bags with products
01:10-01:13 A man holds a "sanctional" cheese
01:13-01:20 Interview with a resident of St. Petersburg Oleg
01:20-01:36 Interview with a resident of Ivan-town Elena


a resident of St. Petersburg
01:13 - 01:20 (Ru) I am here, in Estonia, 1-2 times a week, the products that suit me, I buy very often.

a resident of Ivan-city
01:20 - 01:36 (Ru) We come here quite often - at least once a month. We buy dairy products, meat. All products are of high quality. We love it, we eat with pleasure.

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