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Saber Strike 2015 military exercise active phase going on in Adazi

Video info

Date: 2015-06-11 19:00:28
Place: Adazi, Latvia
Duration: 3:13

Event description

Saber Strike is an annual exercise held by the U.S. Army Europe in the Baltic States. Saber Strike 15 is the fifth iteration of the series held in Lithuania. The part of the exercise in Lithuania will involve roughly 1.6 thousand Lithuanian military and 1.5 thousand troops from 9 NATO countries – Canada, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Latvia, Portugal, Slovenia, and the USA. Roughly 1 thousand of Portuguese, US and German military personnel have brought an impressive arsenal of military armament for the FTX in Lithuania: the ABRAMS tanks, the STRYKER, the BOXER, the PANDUR and the FUCHS wheeled armoured personnel carriers and the EAGLE IV and the DINGO II armoured reconnaissance vehicles. The Field Training Exercise of Saber Strike 15 held in the Adazi Training Area in Latvia will also certify at national level the Baltic Battalion (BALTBAT) which is preparing for standby for the NATO Response Force (NRF) in 2016. BALTBAT formed by Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian militaries is a combined Baltic contribution to the NATO Response Force. Lithuania's input into BALTBAT is a company and a headquarters element of King Mindaugas Hussar Battalion


00:00-00:10 Military look as plane A-10 Thunderbolt is flying in the sky
00:10-00:15 Aircraft A-10 Thunderbolt flies
00:15-00:20 Aircraft A-10 Thunderbolt comes into the attack
00:20-00:25 Latvian infantry preparing to attack
00:25-00:30 Latvian infantry are going to attack
00:30-00:37A smokescreen exhibited over the battlefield
00:37-00:42 Infantry attacks imaginary enemy
00:42-00:47 Marines are firing automatic weapons
00:47-00:53 Infantry firing from automatic weapons
00:53-00:58 Thrower prepares to make a shot
00:58-01:06 BTR of Finnish army supports the infantry with it's fire
01:06-01:12 Infantry occupy the heights
01:12-01:18 a General view of the Polygon
01:18-01:24 Infantry fixed positions on the battlefield
01:24-01:29 Helicopter gunships In the sky
01:29-01:38 Helicopters leave the field of battle after the task
01:38-01:43 American soldiers observe the teachings
01:43-01:48 Latvian officials and guests of the exercises
01:48-01:55 the President of Latvia Raymond Vejonis and chief of the Armed forces of Latvia General Raimonds Graube
01:55-02:08 strategic bomber b-52 in the sky
02:08-02:17 strategic bomber b-52 in the sky
02:17-03:13 Interview with commander of the United NATO forces in Brunsma Hans Lothar Domrose


General Hans-Lothar Domröse
Commander Joint Force Command Brunssum

02:17 - 03:13(en) The purpose, as you can see, that we have exercise, train our forces. And what we have seen during the certification, tests, that we have this exercise, train and usable force, and I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you for these Baltic battalion efforts. And this is so important, that we train together, multinational, it is the key – 40 nations today, we have wonderful partners like Finland and Sweden – so it is a whole family of the light minded people, and we are all ready to defend the population. And we are here to demonstrate that the NATO is ready, NATO is willing, and NATO is trained and well equipped.

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