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The deputies of the Latvian Parliament won refugee in soccer

Video info

Date: 2015-10-20 18:50:06
Place: Mucenieki, Latvia
Duration: 1:51

Event description

In the refugee camp Mucenieki today came the deputies of the Latvian Parliament to play soccer with illegal immigrants. Thus amid continuing protests parliamentarians gathered to show their tolerant attitude towards refugees. The match was held in a friendly atmosphere. Deputies won — 5:4


00:00-00:05, the Participants of both teams listen to the national anthem of Latvia before the match
00:05-00:10 Members of the Iraqi-Syrian team listen to the national anthem of Latvia
00:10-00:17 Participants from both teams with applause greeted the audience
00:17-00:22 Arab women look like men are playing
00:22-00:27 Arab women and children watching the game
00:27-00:34 Player of the Latvian team has committed a breach during the game
00:34-00:45 Iraqi-Syrian team attacs and scores
00:45-00:57 Players of the Latvian team attack and knocks the ball into touch
00:57-01:04 Players of the Latvian team attack
01:04-01:14 Players of the Latvian team attack
01:14-01:24 Goalkeeper of refugees takes "difficult" ball
01:24-01:33 players of the team of refugees and deputies change fields after the first half of the game
01:33-01:41 Short rest during the break
01:41-01:51 the Match ended, the players drink water

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