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The evacuation of wounded soldiers of the U.S. special forces was set and practiced in Riga

Video info

Date: 2015-06-08 19:15:28
Place: Riga, Latvia
Duration: 2:16

Event description

A training of U.S. special forces was held in Riga Eastern clinical University hospital. This part of the exercises staged a situation where allegedly occurred a large-scale accident with a large number of injured American soldiers in Rezekne and Adazi. "Victims" were taken to hospital by helicopters and vehicles. The exercise was attended by physicians specialized units of the U.S. army.


00:00-00:14 of the First Black Hawk helicopter stabil “wounded” American commandos to the Riga hospital
00:14-00:22 the Second helicopter with wounded soldiers landing
00:22-00:29 Soldiers disembark and take positions to guard when unloading the wounded
00:29-00:34 Waiting for the arrival of medical assistance
00:34-00:42 medics arrive to the place of thel evacuation helicopter arrival
00:42-00:46 wounded soldier is taken to the hospital
00:46-00:54 medics with a stretcher in a hurry to get another one wounded
00:54-00:59 immerse the wounded on stretchers
00:59-01:06 immerse the wounded on stretchers
01:06-01:11 wounded soldiers waiting for medical care
01:11-01:18 soldier being taken straight to the operating table
01:18-01:24 preparing for surgery
01:24-01:31 part of the body where the operation will be held
01:31-01:37 preparing for anesthesia
01:37-01:44 start of the surgical procedure
01:44-02:16 Interview with the captain of the medical service Zack Castle


Zack Castle

01:44-02:16(en) Now we are testing the emergency response capability of the hospital here to deal with natural disaster or some other kind of event which may cause a significant number of injuries and so to do that we are using soldiers from the land forces brigade here in Adazhi and board guards in Rezekne, also the U.S. helicopters all working together to facilitate the best training we can for both U. S. And Latvian personal. 

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