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The memory of former legionaries was honored in Lestene

Video info

Date: 2015-12-24 11:23:01
Place: Lestene, Latvia
Duration: 1:57

Event description

On Christmas eve a solemn service in honor of fallen legionerov of 19th Latvian division of the Waffen-SS was held in Lestene. On December 23, 1944 soldiers of this division took the fight from the 130th Latvian guards red banner brigade. Thanks to the heroic resistance of the Latvian Legion there were few days when their resistance didn't allow the red army to complete the encirclement of Courland and slam the so-called Kurzeme cauldron. Thanks to this, thousands of Latvians who fled from the Soviet authorities were able to cross the Baltic sea and reach the coasts of Sweden and Finland. Now the 23rd of December in Latvia is celebrated as a solemn date, visited by the higher officials of the state. This time Lestene was visited by the Minister of defence Raimonds Bergmanis and Latvian army commander Raimonds Graube.


00:00-00:06 a General view of the Lutheran Lestene church inside
00:06-00:12 General view of Lutheran Lestene church outside
00:12-00:17 Military cemetery in the church, general view
00:17-00:21 Dome of the Lutheran Lestene church
00:21-00:26 Commander of the Latvian army arrived on an official car
00:26-00:31 Latvian army Commander Raimonds Graube
00:31-00:34 participants of the rally of remembrance at the military cemetery
00:34-00:39 a prayer service in memory of fallen Legionnaires performed in the Church
00:39-00:43 Worship service with singing, general view
00:43-00:47 Worship with praise
00:47-00:53 a woman plays the harpsichord
00:53-00:59 Worship
00:59-01:05 Worship service with praise
01:05-01:10 Worship service with praise
01:10-01:16 The worshippers hold candles in their hands.
01:16-01:57 Interview with Mrs. Irene Grauman the participant of an action


Irene Graumane

01:16-01:57 (Lv) His name was Harijs Wandagull. He was 16 years old when he was killed by a "red" bullet. This happened on the 24th of March, 1945. It is a pity, he didn't saw the surrender. He took the fight in the last major battle. This pre-christmas battle was of great importance. Our guys kept Russian troops and didn't allow them to shut Kurzeme cauldron. Many of them died. But their death was not in vain. Still the time came when Latvia became free.

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