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The memory of the chaplain of the 19th division of the Waffen-SS was immortalized In Lestene

Video info

Date: 2015-11-10 17:31:11
Place: Lestene, Latvia
Duration: 3:7

Event description

The commemorative plaque for chaplain Werner Waitkus, who served in the 19th division of the Waffen-SS was held in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Lesten . On Christmas eve of 1944, while bombs were falling and grenades exploding, chaplain spent the last Christmas service. The temple was destroyed, Vaitkus severely injured. Later, the chaplain continued to work in the pow camp, and then came to Australia, was buried in 1987. A sign with the name of the chaplain will be taken to Australia, which become a second home of chaplain Werner Waitkus.


00:00-00:04 Pastor with a Bible in his hands
00:04-00:10 name tag of army chaplain Werner Waitkus
00:10-00:18 Pastor reads a prayer for the repose of the soul of Werner Waitkus
00:18-00:23 Elderly female parishioner
00:23-00:45 the Pastor blesses the plate, blesses parishioners
00:45-00:49 Flowers in the hands of parishioners
00:49-00:55 Parishioners listen to music
00:55-01:02 name Plate of army chaplain Werner Waitkus
01:02-01:08: General view of the place of consecration
01:08-01:17 General view of the place of consecration
01:17-02:05 Parishioner welcomes wife of Werner Waitkus, arriving to the event
02:05-02:09 Applause
02:09-02:18 photo of chaplain Werner Waitkus
02:18-02:23 name tag of army chaplain Werner Waitkus
02:23-02:30 photo of chaplain Werner Waitkus
02:30-02:36 photo of a chaplain Werner Waitkus
02:36-02:45 Lestinsky Church. General view
02:45-02:51 Children coming out of the Church.
02:51-02:57 the Cross on top of the Church
02:57-03:07 People leaving the place


The representative of the organization Daugavas Vanagi 

01:17-02:05 (Lv) I want to thank dear Ms. Waitkus (wife of chaplain) for the great attention and love that she has for our people, to our Motherland. She's come from Australia, making the hard way. She is not 18 years of age. She came at that moment to get the best she was wished by our people. Thank you!

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