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The protest action in Riga against the exhibition "People of Maidan"

Video info

Date: 2015-10-12 16:54:38
Place: Riga, Latvia
Duration: 1:55

Event description

Conflict situation with the exhibition "People of Maidan" has led to protests, which took place opposite the building of the Latvian foreign Ministry. The protesters demanded to expel the exhibition organizer Sergei Melnikoff from Latvia. The event was attended by about 30 people. Earlier Sergey Melnikoff said that Russian-speaking residents of Riga have to be exiled and transported to Siberia in cattle cars. Such statement was made after unidentified young men twice defeated a street photo exhibition, dedicated to the events on the Maidan in the winter of 2013/2014, Melnikoff believes that the Riga city Council is obliged to pay him compensation of 0.5 million euros for the fact that city police failed to prevent acts of vandalism, in addition, the mayor of Riga said that the exhibition will be minimized, because it has nationalist overtones.


00:00-00:07 a Woman holding a poster "Melnikoff, get off!"
00:07-00:13 Few women hold posters with the demand to the organizer to leave Latvia
00:13-00:20 participants in the meeting, General view
00:20-00:25 Some women hold posters with the demand to the organizer to leave Latvia
00:25-00:32 the man with the poster "Bandera — get out!"
00:32-00:38 the participant of meeting
00:38-00:42 the protesters unfold a banner
00:42-00:46 a fragment of a large poster with the text of the requirements for security police to investigate the activities of Sergei Melnikoff
00:46-00:53 the protesters, deploying large poster
00:53-00:58 participants of the meeting unfurled a large poster
00:58-01:04 meeting participants
01:04-01:10 Journalists interview the protesters
01:10-01:17 the demonstrators
01:17-01:37 Interview with participant in the meeting Rustam Zagromov
01:37-01:55 Interview with a participant of the rally Irina Musakova


Rustam Zagromov
participants in the meeting

01:17-01:37(ru) I came here to Express protest against the actions of the person the government allowed to carry out the exhibition dedicated to the Euromaidan. And the man himself says that his goal is to start a conflict between Russians and Latvians in Latvia.

Irina Musakova
the participant of meeting

01:37-01:55 (ru) We believe that the Melnikov is a provocateur! And he has no right to be here, being a stranger — not a journalist, not a photographer, he has no right to specify whom to take where and how to live.

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