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The ralley agaunst the acceptance of refugees happened in Riga

Video info

Date: 2016-02-06 18:55:04
Place: Riga, Latvia
Duration: 2:29

Event description

On the night of 6th of November first refugees from Iraq and Syria arrived in Latvia. A picket "Against mass migration" took place in the afternoon in the city center near the Freedom Monument. About 200 called to dissolve the Sejm and to withdraw from the European Union, anything to prevent a mass influx of refugees. The protesters erected a chain of flags of the Baltic States. The event was attracted also by people with the flags of Poland. Various slogans, such as "Europe – for Europeans", "the Baltic region – far the Balts", "Aboltina, Vinkele, Straujuma - to Cologne to black", the "Party of the Seimas treacherously opened the door to visitors" were written on posters. Today's protest "Against mass migration" was held simultaneously with similar protests in other European countries.


00:00-00:06 General view of the Freedom Monument and the protesters
00:06-00:15 Picketers hold posters. Hundreds of man gathered
00:15-00:25 Act leader Andris Orols holds the speech
00:25-00:32 Young man with a poster "against the colonization of Europe"
00:32-00:45 Poster calling to the Parliament to be send in resignation
00:45-00:51 People with placards.
00:51-00:58 Event participants
00:58-01:08 The participants with posters
01:08-01:18 a poster that says "No to NATO victims in Latvia,"
01:18-01:25 Participants being photographed
01:25-01:30 Photographers shoot action
01:30-01:36 The protesters with placards
01:36-01:41 Polish flag
01:41-01:50 The close up of the participants
01:50-02:03 General view of the square, where the protest happens
02:03-02:29 Interview with the event organizer Andris Orals


Andris Orols
the organizer of the rally

02:03-02:29 (LV) We thought that there would come quite a bit of people. But it turned out otherwise. People gradually wake up. Slowly, but become awake. If we are not actively protesting, we will lose our state. It is important to know what will be Latvia, Riga in a few years. And this is up to us! And we must do it!

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