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Grutas Park - Museum of the Soviet past of Lithuania

Video info

Date: 2013-08-30 17:50:52
Place: Druskininkai, Lithuania
Duration: 2:35

Event description

Grutas Park, or Groote, is one of the most famous museums in Lithuania, located near the town of Druskininkai. In West, this place is known as Leninland or Stalinworld. Grutas Park - it's a museum, imitating the style of the Soviet period camps of the Gulag system. Here you can see about 100 gathered from all over Lithuania monuments, busts, sculptures, bas-reliefs of the periods of revolution, the regime of repression and occupation period, as well as premium signs, posters, and other attributes of the time. The museum's collection includes monuments of Stalin, Lenin, Dzerzhinsky, Marx, Lithuanian Communists. Of its existence Grutas Park is obliged to Lithuanian millionaire Vilyumasu Malinauskas, who had the idea to create a reserve of communism in our own land. After Lithuania regained its independence in 1990, across the country there was a massive dismantling of Soviet-era monuments. The Lithuanian government could not decide what to do with such a huge number of monuments, has announced a tender for the right to organize a special exhibition, in which both won Malinauskas. One of the main reasons for the victory was that millionaire financed the organization of the park at their own expense.


Vilyumas Malinauskas
the owner of the Park of the Soviet period
01:37-02:19(ru) Our park was created in order to show the consequences of any dictatorship that came to power. Here is mainly paid attention to the Stalin era. We have no right and we can not forget that in the country where lived 3 million people only in Siberia were exported more than 360 thousand people. And in total of the Stalinist regime affected about 1 million of Lithuanian citizens.
02:19-02:35(ru) Personally, from my family, my father spent 10 years in Siberia, uncle12 years, another uncle 15 years. So sufficed everybody

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