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In Lithuania arrived additional aircrafts of NATO Armed Forces

Video info

Date: 2014-04-30 16:05:13
Place: Shauliai, Lithuania
Duration: 1:45

Event description

From 1st of May pilots from Poland, Denmark, the United Kingdom began Baltic airspace patrol. This decision is part of the Alliance measures adopted by NATO earlier in connection with the escalation of tension in Ukraine. Air NATO's mission in the Baltic States till now have been carried out by12 fighters. Since May of this year group was strengthened to twelve fighters to be stationed in Lithuania and Estonia. Baltic countries do not have the necessary aviation to monitor its airspace. Since 2004 it has been provided, replacing after four months, its NATO partners. Until now, they were based on the Lithuanian Air Force Base Zokniai. Estonia for several years sought to accommodate aviation unit also at its base Amari. 


Aivars Mezhors
colonel, Commander of the Air Force Latvia
01:14-01:45(ru) It is very necessary. This is one of the functions of NATO - to monitor the airspace. In view of recent events people should have confidence that in the Baltic countries this would not happen.

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