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A private tankodrome opening in Lithuania

Video info

Date: 2013-08-08 15:35:24
Place: Vilnius-Kaunas 23 km, Lithuania
Duration: 1:24

Event description

A real tankodrome for tourists-militarists was organised and opened in Lithuania.  In this area you can drive a British armored personnel carriers brands FV432 MK2. These machines participated in military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, but now they turned into a toy for the wealthy tourists, interested in war history. One session costs 130 euros, 15 minutes of driving - only 7 euros.


Zilvinas Pastarmagas an organizer of tank battles.
01:00-01:13 This is the British Army armored personnel carriers. Brought from Britain. We bought them for money. This armored vehicles of 80-year issue. These models are still used in Afghanistan, in Iraq, even in India they still in the order "
01:13-01:32 We have such a service that customers can operate the armored personnel carriers by themselves, will be organized special courses where the person arrives and learns to drive the APC.

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