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Russian Dmitry Ustinov extradited to the United States on charges of arms smuggling

Video info

Date: 2013-08-14 15:40:04
Place: Vilnius, Lithuania
Duration: 1:13

Event description

Lithuanian authorities extradited to US on 27/08/2014 Russian Dmitry Ustinov, whom American prosecutors accused of smuggling weapons. US investigative authorities accused Ustinov in the equipment illegal trade what according to American laws is treated to arms. Some of these devices, in particular, include long-range observation camera with thermal sensors and night vision devices. US law enforcement agencies in absentia filed a charge to Ustinov in March 2013. In May he was apprehended at the request of the United States in Vilnius airport and took him into custody. Russian himself claimed that his prosecution was purely political.


Drasutis Zagryatskas
lawyer of Dmitry Ustinov
01:16-01:33 If under the laws of Lithuania military equipment or dual-use is a crime and then follows the court's decision, which it should be. I do not think it is an unproven crime, I believe there is not enough data

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