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The guy and the moose

Video info

Date: 2016-12-27 18:35:49
Place: Dauj─Śnai, Lithuania
Duration: 4:7

Event description

2 years ago the Lithuanian farmer Eric found a sick moose at the gate of his tiny house. This calf was on the verge of death, but Eric helped it to survive. A mother-moose was killed by hunters and he had to feed the little one with milk from a bottle, and even to sleep in the barn, to calm a little creature. This summer, Eric released the moose into the wild and now it comes 1-2 times a week to play with the friend.


02:13-2:27 (Lt) Hi, little thing! How are you? See, you have other guests here. Good girl. Let’s go, let’ s see, who is there!

02:27-4:06 (Lt) Once my father came back and saw her. I was also coming home, but she was down, at the gate. We called the Nature protection organization, told them, that a small moos came. I could hold her in my arms at that time, could carry her.Together we were deciding what to do next. We also informed the hunters, who could take wer to the forest. But afterward, decided that it is better to leave her here.Maybe her mom will come after. While she was little, she was laying here, in the corner, by the fence. With the thought that her mom may come and see her. And so it happened. She was so small and weak, we did not believe she could survive. She also looked bad. Plenty of ticks and fleas in her fur. Tragically! It took me couple of days to take all that off her. And it was difficult to feed her. She was afraid of me.Running away from me as I was coming closer. It was a big problem to feed her. We also didn’t know what milk to give her. My father’s friend gave a recipe of a cocktail:to mix milk and water, add grass, egg, honey. And she liked it. She is getting it with vitamins from time to time now. To be healthy and beautiful.

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